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What To Do With A Gassy Dog

What To Do With A Gassy Dog

Everyone has had some type of stomach problem, whether it is digestive problems, or just a bad case of gas. Try to remember how terrible it was. Now, picture being that gassy and unable to tell anyone what you are going through. This is how your dog feels every time it has gas. That being said, just because they don’t speak does not mean you cannot tell when your dog has gas.

The smells and sounds that come out of your dog can be an indication that it may be suffering from gas. Even though the occasional gas passing could be funny, if your dog experiences chronic gas problems, you need to look into a solution. Consult your vet first and make sure no serious problems exist. If your vet simply suggests a change in diet, then there are options.  Though they may seem tedious, with the right diet and attention, your dog will be gas free in no time! All dogs digest food differently. What works for one gassy pup many not work for another.

First off, if you enjoy feeding your dog table food, you should stop! (Kidding) However, if you have a gassy dog, you may want to monitor the table food given to him or her. Stay away from dairy! Dogs cannot digest cow’s milk as well as humans. A big problem for many dogs is the amount of dairy that they are fed.

That does not mean you have to be in the dark. Along with feeding your dog less cheddar, you can also start feeding them a sensitive stomach dog food formula. It may take a little testing to find out the best fit for your gassy dog, but when you find it, your dog (and your nostrils) will be happy!

Now once you determine that a sensitive stomach formula is right for your dog, you have to narrow down your options. All dog food today claims that it “all natural” and “all healthy.” That is true to a point. Pet food today is made with ingredients that you would probably eat too, but just because it is natural doesn’t mean that it is best for your dog.

Your best bet is to try an all natural sensitive stomach formula. If that isn’t a perfect fit, you can keep on searching for the right food to make your dog’s gas stop.

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