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Millions of animals are sent to shelters every year. Each animal has their own story and unfortunately, many are tales of pets that have been neglected, abused, uncared  for and unloved. While some of these pets will make their way into high profile shelters many more will find themselves in small community shelters that are truly underfunded and in need of support.
We have made it our mission to assist these shelters with the hopes that all creature, old and young, big and small, can experience a little more safety, comfort and love. By donating at our check out, you will be helping us reach out to those community shelters, offering some hope to our furry friends in need of a fresh food, a warm bed, and a place to call home.

Tell us your story
There are thousands of shelters throughout the United States and we want to help as many as we can. In order to do this, we need your help. Send us a letter and let us know about your shelteror a shelter close to your heart.Please include the name, address, and website for your specific shelter along with a brief statement telling us about them. All requests will also need a completeddonation request form. To download the donation request form, as well as a complete list of guidelines and procedures, please click here.

Spread the word!

Tell a friend, like this page, or tweet about the cause. The more people aware of our cause the more animals we can help save!

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